Top 20 wines – January 2018

Hello friends,

Among the Blog’s novelties for this year, we’ll be posting monthly a list with the best (and worst) wines tasted in the month and presenting some wines with great cost x benefit. The idea is to be able to contribute with tips about labels and information about aging conditions of the vintages.

And as though today is still January, but I will not drink today (unfortunately), I am posting the first edition of this new column. Comments to adjust the best format will be most welcome.

Top 12 best wines of the month:

1º Vega Sicilia Unico Reserva Especial 2012, Vega Sicilia, Spain – the best by far, drink or hold (and if you will drink, call me … kkk).

2º Carmen Gold Reserve 2010, Vina Carmen, Chile – drink or hold.

3º Poggio di Sotto Brunello di Montalcino 2006, ColleMassari, Italy – drink or hold.

4º Flaccianello Della Pieve 2001, Fontodi, Italy – drink

5º Lota 2008, Vina Macul, Chile – drink or hold 1 year.

6º Almaviva 2000, Vina Almaviva, Chile – drink

7º Guado Al Taso 2010, Antinori, Italy – will improve a lot, hold.

8º Sassicaia 2010, Tenuta San Guido, Italy – unfairly had the score downgraded by the evaluator of Robert Parker, unbelivible what they done, save.

9º Janzen Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, Janzen, USA – drink

10º Gandolini Cabernet Sauvignon Las 3 Marias 2011, Gandolini, Chile – Best Chilean by Descorchados 2017 and is fair enought – hold

11º Centenary 2008, Pedriel, Argentina – I’m a suspect, I love this wine, drink.

12º Solaia 1996, Antinori, Italy – drink a.s.a.p.


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Top 5 Cost x Benefit and Indications of the Month:

1º RD Torrontes 2013, Bodega Tacuil, Argentina – Probably will be in the list of the best of the year.

2º Gran Malbec 2014, Vinyes Ocults, Argentina – young and ready and with a wonderful label.

3º Quinta Generacion White, Casa Silva, Chile – in my opinion better than red.

4º Hedone Gran Reserva Syrah 2013, Lauri Viana – wine by Walter Bressia, excellent for R $ 80.

5º Quinta da Gaivosa 2008, Domingos Alves de Sousa, Portugal – drink or hold.


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Top 3 Worst Wines or Disappointments of the Month:

1º Casillero Del Diablo Gran Vino 2015, Concha y Toro, Chile – , vintage label is beautiful but it is a Casillero, terrible wine.


2 Aussières Syrah – Mourvèdre 2011 – Chateau Aussières, France – Three years ago I rated 3.5 stars at Vivino, I thought the wine would have evolute but who evolved was my taste.

3º Sauvignon Blanc Brut Nature, Dona Paula, Argentina – by the average 3.8 stars at Vivino and by the recommendation of a sommelier friend expected much more.

And January was like this! Health and good wines!

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