Comparison of Wine Prices in World Producers

I made a comparison of prices with wines from 8 producing countries, choosing one wine from each country and comparing its price in the others. Unfortunately I could not found the wine in all countries, but it already showed a good criterion of analysis. All prices have been converted to US Dollars for easy comparison. When the mentioned vintage was not available, I adopted the subsequent or antecedent.

Para a versão completa em Português Clique aqui

The main idea was to show the best countries in the world to buy wines and especially for Brazilians like myself, who even Brazilian wine is more expensive in Brazil than in the rest of the world, mainly due to the taxes and greed of the importers.

* Opus One vintage 2011 and Vega Sicilia Unico vintage 1970

At all prices were considered the taxes for the local country, remembering that it is often possible for foreigners to buy wines with Tax Free.

If anyone knows the prices of the open columns, please leave a message in the comments. As soon as I receive these prices I will complete the columns.

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  1. Keep up the good work my friend. Unfortunately, Brazil is still hostile to the wine enthusiast. I hope it will change some day. When in Manhattan let me know! Let’s have a wine together! I enjoy your blog. Thank you!

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