3 Reasons Why Red Wines Drinkers May Have a Better Sex!

Take the children out of the room because the subject of the Blog today is one that, if God invented something better, he kept it for himself! That’s right, let’s talk about sex!

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vinho e sexo2

And what does this have to do with wine? All! The relationship between red wine and sex is nothing new. Several scientific studies have proven that, of all alcoholic beverages, wine is the most effective on increase and improve the sexual experience. Here are some results:

1. Red wine increases testosterone levels

A research published in the Nutrition Journal in 2012 showed that, red wine in moderation can boost your testosterone, a hormone that can increase your sexual desire. The team found that a compound in red wine, known as quercetin, partially blocks the action of an enzyme called UGT2B17, which looks for testosterone and sends a message to the kidneys to excrete it. In this way the amount present in the body is increased within a period of up to two hours after drinking.

Although red wine is not a banned substance away from the sports field, Professor Naughton’s team has referred its findings to the World Anti-Doping Agency because of the newly-discovered side effect of potential change to the amount of testosterone in the body since the team also found that the results were the same for the red wine extract in supplement form.

2. Red wine enhances female libido.

Another study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009, revealed that moderate amounts of red wine increases blood flow in women’s erogenous zones, also increasing lubrication. The study’s finding was that regular moderate red wine intake is associated with an increase reported by women in the study for sexual desire, lubrication, and overall sexual function, compared with abstinence status.

Vinho e sexo

3. Red wine reduces erectile dysfunction.

Finally, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2016 showed that polyphenols, found not only in red wine but also in red fruits and chocolate, can decrease cases of erectile dysfunction by 14%.

According to Harvard researcher Johns Hopkins of the University of California School of Medicine, Resveratrol helps a man to get a firm erection consistently to facilitate sexual engagement. Additionally, it promotes healthy blood sugar levels necessary for optimal sexual responses. It also increases the flow of blood to all muscles for sexual stamina and performance. According to the study, Resveratrol can supercharge the effects of all the drugs and pills meant to stimulating an erection.

So if you were looking for another excuse to convince your partner to have a wine, look no further !!



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